I am currently developing a hidden object game with my friend Ceri Williams. We are concluding some art style research and looking for feedback on which direction to follow. The game takes place in a fabricated insect world. That’s probably all I will say for now, but there is a lot more to it.

Our process uses traditional drawing techniques which are developed into ink line drawings and scanned. The graphics are then combined and composited in photoshop. As well as a library of ink drawings, we have also created a lot of ink wash and hand drawn textures.

We have worked up a series of quick style tests and need your feedback!

Style 1 : Flat colors and gradients fill the line shapes, using a bold color palette. Details are picked out in strong color, while the ink drawings do the hard work

Style 2 : Ink wash and depth of field create a backdrop. This was from a working drawing and the white shapes are not really intended to be used without color but the effect is interesting.

Style 3 : Flat color is used, adding detail to shapes using similar colors.

Style 4 : Flat color fills are used, blending ink and hand drawn textures into the shapes.

Style 5 : A traditional style process builds up body and color, digitally painting in photoshop.

Style 6 : Colored ink textures are used over flat color.

Depth of Field Effect – The game uses a 2d side scrolling mechanism, but depth is added through lighting and depth focus. The above is a quick test in photoshop we put together while discussing ideas.

We are looking for feedback and reviews of the various styles. Please reply in the comments or email us 🙂 micromacro