Over the last 8 months, Terrorhedron has been signed by a publisher, stopping us from releasing updates when-ever we liked. Earlier this month we terminated that deal, and we are preparing to roll out about 200 hours of development to our players as we self-publish!

Here is a summary of the updates:

New game logo

New Graphical User Interface

The main menu has been redone and is now 3D, more attractive and dramatic.

New Graphics Updates

The screen is blurred and slightly darkened towards the edges of the screen, giving a cinematic, fake depth of field effect.

Anaglyph 3D

Red and blue glasses type 3D mode to play the game in 3D. Very effective, fits the game really well.


A new menu system visualizes the players achievements.

New Intro Logo

Micro Macro logo added, with fuzzy transition effect and sound effect. Improves initial impact.

Game Balancing

Turret costs have been balanced out, and some turret behaviour has been improved.

Terrorhedron Models

The target objects are shown with various numbers of sides and colors in a logical sequence to show the health of a Terrorhedron. While only cosmetic, has a big gameplay impact.

Various Bug Fixes and Other Features

Crash reporting was added which has allowed us to identify and fix all major bugs, leaving the game in a very stable state.

These changes are now live, with existing players soon to be notified that they can download the new version.